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Profile stylings


Avatar Limxzero
08 Jun 2019 04:28
This is great. Just one little thing...the image tag works, but only for one image. If you have more than one, it breaks.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
28 May 2019 07:05
mimi in 2017 is very happy
Avatar CMRocks
20 May 2019 15:16
I can edit my bio now, thanks!
Avatar Finrod
20 May 2019 12:29
Updated roles for Banjo2
Avatar banjo2
21 May 2019 04:46
In reply to Finrod
I still can't edit my bio
Avatar Dsi gamer
20 May 2019 02:37
sans from chat toldme this he said in the futer
Avatar Luisjo96
20 May 2019 02:14
God joined the server.
Avatar Asparagus
20 May 2019 00:01
A godsend
20 May 2019 01:32
In reply to Asparagus
I agree!!
19 May 2019 23:58
Thank you!!
Avatar Thi500
19 May 2019 23:56
it works. thanks
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