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It’s 3 pm, I’m drunk and sad, here’s some words


Avatar yaynikki
09 Jul 2019 02:33
well, I agree with you on most parts

if you're interested in the parts i don't agree with, I deleted them because it came off like someone trying to make it about themselves. i saved it somewhere so message me if you're into that sort of thing i guess
Avatar Dsi gamer
25 May 2019 02:07
me: Im gonna to say the n word
evreyone: *screem*
evreyonedies* 00F
Avatar Thi500
21 May 2019 01:37
everything is temporary. especially bonds with others
Avatar TheLegend27
27 Jul 2019 00:41
In reply to Thi500
I'm afraid I must disagree with you thi
Avatar Gemini Guardian
28 May 2019 07:02
In reply to Thi500
i was actually just thinking about this the other day
Avatar Thi500
28 May 2019 17:06
In reply to Gemini Guardian
it do be like that sometimes fam
Avatar Gemini Guardian
29 May 2019 01:45
In reply to Thi500
i swear every time i enter the shower my brain is like
ok time to be depressed
Avatar Sun+Moon
30 May 2019 12:41
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Same same
Avatar Thi500
29 May 2019 02:38
In reply to Gemini Guardian

thats literally every time
Avatar Gemini Guardian
29 May 2019 03:12
In reply to Thi500
lol yeahhh
Avatar Finrod
22 May 2019 12:31
In reply to Thi500
👏🏻Facts don’t 👏🏻care 👏🏻about 👏🏻your 👏🏻feelings👏🏻 👏🏻
Avatar Skeptical
21 May 2019 11:24
In reply to Thi500
I've never seen this many likes on a Thi comment
Avatar Asparagus
21 May 2019 01:54
In reply to Thi500
Avatar oswaldo123
21 May 2019 01:54
In reply to Thi500
*sad noises*
Avatar CMRocks
20 May 2019 19:33
tbh I've never really had a toxic friendship. Sure we can be dicks to eachother but all love oneanother in the end
Avatar Asparagus
20 May 2019 19:48
In reply to CMRocks
And that’s totally healthy! What these girls were doing were not. I’m glad you haven’t ever had to deal with something like this. Choose good friends!
Avatar CMRocks
20 May 2019 19:53
In reply to Asparagus
I hope you find better friends, there are plenty of really good people out there you just need to find them.

most of my friends i've known for 8 years, so our friendship is strong.
Avatar Asparagus
20 May 2019 19:23
I didn’t know whether or not to pot this in inspirational or rant but I feel ranty and that’s how I typed it so that’s the category
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