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No Words


Avatar inSein
07 Jun 2019 02:27
Avatar Gemini Guardian
31 May 2019 12:48
this is definitely my most favourite poem of yours
Avatar SkulHedFace
31 May 2019 18:02
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Just wait for the 2020 album
Avatar Gemini Guardian
31 May 2019 20:59
In reply to SkulHedFace
ooo ok
Avatar cdog3789
31 May 2019 06:43
Reminds me of Sponge bob.

"I'll be the hammer and you'll be the nail. I'll be the boat and you'll be the sail!"

but wo
Avatar Finrod
22 Jun 2019 01:00
In reply to cdog3789
Dude. DUDE.
Avatar cdog3789
22 Jun 2019 04:16
In reply to Finrod
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