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Choosing a Pokemon Game (For DS/DSi)


Avatar Gemini Guardian
13 Jul 2019 02:09
would have been super useful for me back in 2017 woww
Avatar Draconid_Jo
13 Jul 2019 11:22
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Yep, lol!

Sorry for not coming here earlier.

I didn't want to set up an Account here until I had a reliable way to access the Internet, that way I could do stuff here consistently.
(Of course, I'm pretty sure I didn't even know about this place that far back.)
Avatar Gemini Guardian
13 Jul 2019 13:54
In reply to Draconid_Jo
ohhhhhh i see
Avatar banjo2
21 Jun 2019 08:32
Hey, uh, problem.

You created this blog a while back, so if it were to be featured, it'd be under 4 or 5 blogs. Would you be ok with that? It probably wouldn't get as much attention, but I'm not sure you'd want to have to re-do all of this either. On top of that, this is a Pokémon blog, so I wouldn't be the one to feature it.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
21 Jun 2019 08:51
In reply to banjo2

I mainly did it for CM, anyway.
I thought that other people would find it informative as well, but I THINK it would attract enough attention, even if it were a few blogs down.

I mean, it IS my latest blog, as well as the latest Pokémon blog, after all.
Avatar banjo2
21 Jun 2019 09:08
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Alright, and, one other thing. Would you mind changing the "é" in the title to "e"? I know it's the correct spelling, but it causes bugs with notifications on some platforms at the moment.
Avatar Finrod
21 Jun 2019 23:52
In reply to banjo2
Lmao "E"

Funny funny
Avatar Draconid_Jo
21 Jun 2019 10:44
In reply to banjo2
Should I do the same with my other blogs, too?
Avatar banjo2
21 Jun 2019 13:02
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Thank you.

Avatar Draconid_Jo
22 Jun 2019 12:44
In reply to banjo2
I changed the "é" in the titles of all of my Pokémon blogs to an "e", and will use a regular "e" in all of my future ones, as well.

I still use the "é"s inside of the blogs themselves, though.
(I assume that's not an issue, right?)
Avatar banjo2
22 Jun 2019 13:04
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Yeah, that's just fine.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
21 Jun 2019 08:26
There wasn't enough room for these things in the blog, but:

Pokémon Contests are ONLY in D/P/Pl.

The Battle Frontier is ONLY in Platinum, and HG/SS.

Pal Park is in ALL Gen 4 Games, and the Poké Transfer Lab is in ALL Gen 5 Games.

In order to move Pokémon up from the GBA Games, you NEED a Gen 4 Game, and for moving Pokémon up to the 3DS Games, you NEED a Gen 5 one.

Items CAN be moved from Gen 3 to Gen 4, but NOT from Gen 4 to Gen 5, or from Gen 5 to the 3DS Games.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment.

Avatar MIMtheHERO
09 Jul 2019 20:27
In reply to Draconid_Jo
What was the name of those Pokemon snacks you could make in Diamond and Pearl? I think they were puffin snacks or something. Anyway, those were cool too
Avatar Draconid_Jo
10 Jul 2019 10:55
In reply to MIMtheHERO
Yep those WERE cool!

And they were Poffins, BTW.
Avatar MIMtheHERO
12 Jul 2019 21:08
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Oop poffins.

I was pretty annoyed when they took them out and replaced it in SS and HG with juice
Avatar Draconid_Jo
12 Jul 2019 23:25
In reply to MIMtheHERO
Yeah, but the Pokéathlon IS really cool (IMO), and although I prefer the Poffin making Mini-Game to the way Aprijuice is made (which let's face it, is pretty boring), I still prefer the Pokéathlon to Contests.

I DO think that HG/SS should've kept Contests (and Poffin Making), however.
(I personally think ALL post-Gen 3 Games should've kept Contests, especially given the way Feebas' Evolution was supposed to work.)
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