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Avatar Siling-La
02 Jul 2019 19:02
I like it, but it's a bit too depressing for me. or was that intended?
Avatar Draconid_Jo
02 Jul 2019 21:50
In reply to Siling-La
Well, not exactly.

It's more or less an expression of my own feelings of depression, and feelings of doubt.

This probably isn't the exact correct quote, but in Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, for the GameCube (which my sister played), Nami said something along the lines of this:

"Time keeps moving, even if you don't do anything."

Those words are (unfortunately) true, and this poem is meant to convey a similar message.
Avatar Siling-La
03 Jul 2019 02:34
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Oh. I see. Well, it is a very excellent poem, and it certainly has a very effective atmosphere to it.
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