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Those Who Inherit Eternity (Lyrics)


Avatar banjo2
06 Jul 2019 02:11
You came up with these yourself?
Avatar Draconid_Jo
06 Jul 2019 09:51
In reply to banjo2

Still not sure about all the Lyrics, though, so might make some minor adjustments.

The Lyrics might not make much sense unless you've played through the Δ Episode, though.

(The "She" and "Her" mentioned repeatedly are referring to Aster, the previous Lorekeeper, whom Zinnia loved with all her Heart.)

Also, 竜神様 is a reference to Lord Rayquaza.
In one of my old Japanese Lessons, I mention how the Draconids call Rayquaza 竜神様 in the Pokémon Adventures Manga.
(In Romaji, it would be Ryuujin-sama, BTW.)
Avatar Draconid_Jo
06 Jul 2019 01:49
I BELIEVE that link is correct, as I (manually) copied the link from my Biography, and reentered it here.

Although ALL of my Poems so far have been written as Lyrics to different Tunes from various Video Games, this is the first one directly related the Storyline of the Game which inspired it, as well as even being related to the Character whose Theme Song it is meant to accompany.
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