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Silent Night


Avatar Gemini Guardian
09 Jul 2019 14:28
this is actually the first time i've read something that kills off the mc in one part

i liked the pacing, it was kind of hurried, but it fit the adrenaline-filled tone of the blog

gooooood job

this could easily fit as a prologue for something bigger tho', if you ever decide to continue
Avatar MIMtheHERO
09 Jul 2019 20:17
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Not continuing, gonna lose the flow.
Woah thanks for feedback!
Avatar Siling-La
09 Jul 2019 09:09
That girl has one tough life!
Avatar Draconid_Jo
11 Jul 2019 01:52
In reply to Siling-La
She sure does.

Makes me sort of glad that I have a very sheltered life, although it's definitely a little TOO sheltered.
Avatar cdog3789
09 Jul 2019 06:47
The hound :/
Avatar MIMtheHERO
09 Jul 2019 20:16
In reply to cdog3789
I couldn't think of anything else T-T

And, in my draft version... it was called the dog or it... Ehe
Avatar banjo2
08 Jul 2019 18:49
Do you plan to go further with this?
Avatar MIMtheHERO
08 Jul 2019 19:42
In reply to banjo2
Not really, no. One-shots are more my type. I lose the flow when I try to do longer than a single chaptered thing
Avatar Rlad116
08 Jul 2019 21:55
In reply to MIMtheHERO
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