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Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 04:49
For the Life of my, I cannot understand why this got so many downvotes, as it's all absolutely True.

I would add to that, however, that you CAN share your problems with God, and sometimes, that alone may be enough.

It always helps to share things with Friends too, however, assuming that you have them.
(I could only share my problems with my mom and my sister prior to coming here, and there were always certain things I felt uncomfortable sharing with them.)
Avatar Siling-La
17 Aug 2019 06:39
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Hmm. Oh, I understand the downvotes. I'm just going to learn from this blog and pretend it never happened!

I know how uncomfortable that can be. I do not feel comfortable telling most things to my father. He is a great father, but he does not know how to be a dad.
Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 08:10
In reply to Siling-La
Yeah, he sounds a LOT like my dad, really.
(He's probably less violent though, and I doubt he curses all the time like my dad does.)
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
05 Aug 2019 00:36
i only downvoted because I felt that the message was very scattered and unclear. i believe you have a good intention, just only write how you actually feel. the more forced the poem sounds, the less meaningful it will be. like you said, just stay true to yourself and your feelings
Avatar Gemini Guardian
05 Aug 2019 15:48
In reply to heaven.is.a.joke
that's what i thought as well.
he was talking about something in the first half
but then changed his message in the second half
Avatar Gnilis-Al
05 Aug 2019 17:06
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Yep. I was EVERYWHERE! lol!

And thank you two for being honest. That means a great deal to me. Its very frustrating when people don't tell me what's wrong because they don't want to hurt my feelings.
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
06 Aug 2019 04:52
In reply to Gnilis-Al
constructive criticism is the key. i am always looking to help others improve
Avatar Gnilis-Al
06 Aug 2019 05:51
In reply to heaven.is.a.joke
Thank you. I very much appreciate it.
Avatar Finrod
04 Aug 2019 11:57
Well let me tell you one thing. Your poems and songs are indeed the same. You writing songs are ONLY lyrics, this isn't a music video. Lyrics might as well be poetic. The only person hearing music is yourself because it's in your own head.

Funny part is you literally admitted to this. You were the only one arguing about how your poems and songs are different. And yet you contradicted yourself right there in sentence 2. No hate, but your whole introduction beyond that is pointless.
Avatar Siling-La
04 Aug 2019 17:29
In reply to Finrod
I don't think you quite understood that sentence. I meant, that even though my songs are poetic, they can sound a bit unatural, and confusing to the reader because it was written to flow with music. Poems are written to flow well when you read them. Yes, I'll admit that sometimes there is no difference, but most of the time, there is.

Also, I think I know where I went wrong with this poem. It didn't come from my heart. I just wrote good advice, and probably ignored every emotion or feeling I had at that time. I suppose I need to stick with my heart when I write. After all, that is one of the things people can relate to. (almost) Everyone knows how lonliness, pain, joy, and devastation feels, and I think they understand what is going on inside me. They can feel the happiness and the hurt in my poems/songs. So, I'll stick with that.

(And, I know I said my poems were written to flow when read, but I have no idea what happened to this poem! lol. I thought I'd take a chance because some of the songs I've posted on here that have gotten the most likes, are the ones I didn't like!)
Avatar Finrod
05 Aug 2019 11:17
In reply to Siling-La
Thanks for clarifying, but I feel like thats exactly what I understood the first time I read it, I just got a tidbit off.

Right here you state that "Yes, I'll admit that sometimes there is no difference, but most of the time, there is." But I don't understand where's your clarification and follow up after saying "there is"?

From what I gather in this first sentence you say no but also yes to my exact response, so what I'm hearing is you still believe otherwise, even after acknowledging my statement as true?

You're saying it's confusing because it was written with the flow of music? In that sentence you kind of just contradicted yourself, you already said it wasn't music. During the making of it you were inspired and believed it was music. Or "with the flow of music" So that makes it music? Because you thought it was?

This is getting a little too self indulging and it's really just what you see I guess. So I'm just gonna say you don't really have to go outta your way to say "this is music, this is not" in your blogs anymore. It's confusing and unnecessary when it comes to you putting how you yourself see things, just post the raw song lol!

Avatar Gnilis-Al
05 Aug 2019 17:03
In reply to Finrod
That was backing up what was said before it in that paragraph. I probably should have put that in the beginning now that I think about it.

I agree with you, and I don't agree with you. If it is a slow, rhyming song, It tends to look well when written. But if I write a song with a faster tempo with parts that do rhyme, and some that don't, the reader tends to get confused with the pattern and the layout. (Somewhat like this one)

I'm not quite sure if this is refering to this or my other songs. I will just say that I have no tune for this one. It was not a song. Because of the semi-hopeless theme at the beginning, I would have put it to some slower, more repetitive tune/beat. Actually, if I did that, I think that it would have sounded better because it has a pattern. So in a circumstance such as that, yes I would classify it as a song, but it could be a poem as well. But say I put this to a fast beat, irregular tune, and a complex pattern. Have you ever tried reading the lyrics to one of Eminem's songs as if it was a poem? It does not sound right because the speed and the tune are always changing. Its possible, but harder to figure out how "The big purple elephant took his peanut, grabbed his, bag, went out to the bus, he missed it started to cuss." is supposed to flow with the surrounding "he's not green, he's not keen..." So it doesn't sound like a poem. Does this make sense?

(*ahem!*) PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING!!! It needs some style to set it apart from how everybody else's looks. Otherwise, if they all look the same, it looks uniform, boring, and ordinary. I put work into making my songs, and poems (with the exception of this one), and I want it to look like I've put some work into it.
Avatar Finrod
05 Aug 2019 23:52
In reply to Gnilis-Al
Hey so...I'm gonna be straight with you.

1. You literally repeated your argument.

2. I don't care about what you think of your own song, that was not the topic at hand.

3. I don't think we're getting anywhere with me telling you this so I'm just gonna drop it. If there's anything you think I unfairly missed, say it now.
Avatar Gnilis-Al
06 Aug 2019 00:08
In reply to Finrod
For #2, I was giving you two examples of how lyrics can and can't be poetic.

But yes, I agree we should just drop this.
03 Aug 2019 22:32
I like this.
Why the downvotes though?
Avatar Gemini Guardian
03 Aug 2019 23:42
i guess they didn't like this
Avatar Gnilis-Al
04 Aug 2019 06:13
In reply to Gemini Guardian
I know. Tbh, I don't either!

Btw, if anyone who gave a downvote/is going to give this a downvote is reading this, I would much appreciate it if you clarify why you chose to downvote. I want to hear feedback from as many people as possible so I know how to make my poems/songs enjoyable for everyone. I don't really mind the downvotes, but I am curious as to what I can improve to make future blogs better than the ones before.
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