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Join Me For Noobing Around


Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 05:22
I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to watch things on Twitch with a 2DS?

2. Do I need an Account or something to do so, and if so, would it be possible for me to set up one with my 2DS browser?
(I never was able to set up an E-Mail Account on it, and had to use my mom's smartphone to do it, instead, even though I CAN log into my E-Mail Account on my 2DS, now that I have one.)
Avatar aidansocool
17 Aug 2019 00:42
nice im a fand
Avatar Skunkman
17 Aug 2019 00:40
The channel name has been updated to Gumptendo.
Avatar Finrod
07 Aug 2019 11:03
Frick, did I miss it?
Avatar Skeptical
07 Aug 2019 14:05
In reply to Finrod
He ended it around 10:00 cst
Avatar Thi500
07 Aug 2019 05:13
Collab when??
Avatar Gemini Guardian
07 Aug 2019 02:25
i shall definitely join whenever i can
Avatar Asparagus
07 Aug 2019 01:22
What is a video game
Avatar HullBreach
07 Aug 2019 12:02
In reply to Asparagus
It’s like Jenga but with Stacked VHS tapes.
Avatar aidansocool
07 Aug 2019 21:26
In reply to HullBreach
add me
Avatar banjo2
07 Aug 2019 00:56
I just might do that!
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