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NEW MEMBERS, PLEASE READ! (ACCIDENTALLY DELETED by me because I’m stupid!) (New Content)


Avatar dsipro..
19 Aug 2019 03:18
what if ur alias is the name of an acount u made ••
Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 05:27
This is an EXCELLENT Blog, and hopefully everyone will read it, and follow ALL of your advice, as every single bit of it is good.
(I never did any of those things anyway, however.)

IMO, this is an EXTREMELY important Blog, and I Wish there was some way it could be shown to ALL new Members here, not just those who happen to look through the Featured Blogs.
(I think it's THAT important.)
Avatar Siling-La
12 Aug 2019 21:07
21 likes! Inconceivable!
Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 05:31
In reply to Siling-La
Yeah, lol, it IS pretty amazing.

I understand why, however, as these are all EXTREMELY important points, that should be made to ALL new Members here, as it will prevent a lot of potential problems.
(And by extension, a lot of people being banned for doing these things.)

I just Wish there were some way to automatically show this Blog to all newcomers here, either immediately after or possibly even before they set up an Account here.
(Maybe I should ask Hull about it or something, IDK.)
Avatar Siling-La
17 Aug 2019 06:42
In reply to Draconid_Jo
Hmmm. Good idea. Good luck contacting Hull though!
Avatar Thi500
08 Aug 2019 06:27
arguably the most important blog all summer
Avatar HullBreach
08 Aug 2019 04:11
Now that it's possible to change usernames, I'm not sure if we even need the /alias command anymore. Thoughts?
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
09 Aug 2019 02:59
In reply to HullBreach
it's nice to have available for rp
Avatar Finrod
08 Aug 2019 11:02
In reply to HullBreach
Can we adress "accidental deletion" please?
Avatar Asparagus
08 Aug 2019 11:21
In reply to Finrod
I really did just flub up, I was at work and somehow hit the delete blog option (the blogmin one, not the one that is really hard to hit along the side of the blog lists in blog creator menu).
Avatar banjo2
08 Aug 2019 04:15
In reply to HullBreach
It's still nice for roleplaying. Maybe make it usable in RP rooms only?
Avatar Luisjo96
08 Aug 2019 04:34
In reply to banjo2
Banj back at it again with the helpful ideas.
Avatar banjo2
08 Aug 2019 04:35
In reply to Luisjo96
Luis back at it with the kind words
Avatar oswaldo123
08 Aug 2019 16:03
In reply to banjo2
He's still old :u
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
08 Aug 2019 03:06
thanks, this helped a lot!

i don't engage in "cybering," but aren't the PRIVATE messages supposed to be private?
Avatar Asparagus
08 Aug 2019 03:11
In reply to heaven.is.a.joke
And you’re welcome!

(I guess as an example, a PM is similar to whispering in someone’s ear at a busy gathering while a message is pulling someone into another room to tell them something TRULY private. Does that make sense? Haha)
Avatar Draconid_Jo
17 Aug 2019 05:34
In reply to Asparagus
I understand what you're saying, but I do have one question:

I've been calling the Messages (meaning the ones outside of the Chatrooms) "PMs".

Is that the correct term, or should I be calling them "Messages", instead?
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
09 Aug 2019 03:01
In reply to Asparagus
yeah, that makes sense ig. thx!
Avatar Asparagus
08 Aug 2019 03:07
In reply to heaven.is.a.joke
Private messages as they are in Chatrooms are available for admins to see, just so they can make sure nothing that is happening in the chatrooms is very bad or even potentially illegal (ie anyone underage engaging in sexual activities).
Avatar Skeptical
08 Aug 2019 02:15
I forgive for the deletion
Avatar acidAPPLE
08 Aug 2019 01:27
Good job lol
Avatar Gemini Guardian
08 Aug 2019 03:06
In reply to acidAPPLE
flashbacks to quote blog
Avatar acidAPPLE
08 Aug 2019 03:07
In reply to Gemini Guardian
Avatar Asparagus
08 Aug 2019 01:28
In reply to acidAPPLE
I cry
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