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•Coming Out of Hiding•


Avatar Draconid_Jo
18 Aug 2019 18:10
Yet another excellent Poem of yours.

You always seem to write from the Heart, which is the key to good Poetry, IMO.
(It's also the key to giving good advice, something you else typically do in your Poems.)
Avatar cdog3789
13 Aug 2019 05:03
Rhyme time
Avatar heaven.is.a.joke
14 Aug 2019 04:22
In reply to cdog3789
yeah i guess,
but this poem is kinda a mess

hehe ^-^
Avatar Dsi gamer
12 Aug 2019 13:21
wow that good

10/10 stars
Avatar Siling-La
12 Aug 2019 05:52
WOAH! COME ON! Who in their right mind would dislike this? This is really good! Definitely feature-worthy, and it's message is something everyone should consider. If they aren't the ones on the curb, maybe it's time they helped someone who is.

Avatar Draconid_Jo
18 Aug 2019 18:13
In reply to Siling-La
IDK, but I have taken upon myself a great responsibility:
To be an Anti-Hater.

Wherever there is Hate, I will counter it with Love, and wherever there is Love, I will add mine to it.
(Lol, I'm being overly dramatic about it, but so far, I haven't disliked even 1 Blog, and I doubt that I ever will.)
Avatar WahooWa123
12 Aug 2019 14:44
In reply to Siling-La
dislike bots would
Avatar Siling-La
12 Aug 2019 17:24
In reply to WahooWa123
But, then again, why doesn't "Loneliness" have minus two?
Avatar Finrod
12 Aug 2019 22:21
In reply to Siling-La
There are real haters. Surprise!
Avatar oswaldo123
13 Aug 2019 06:06
In reply to Finrod
Why am I still getting hate
Avatar Siling-La
13 Aug 2019 05:02
In reply to Finrod
Avatar Siling-La
12 Aug 2019 17:13
In reply to WahooWa123
The conspiracies continue...
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