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Avatar dsi gamer
at 17 Mar 2019 01:24
hey ummmmm so i have 2 question

1. when game are comeng soon hee

2. have u heard of dx-19
it an astroid that will hit earth meaning world ending it a 1 out of 99999999999.3 chance of missing it and it in dec
Avatar NeVeY02
at 15 Mar 2019 00:42
Hello- My name was vampgirl on here at one time. Nevey02 is a account that belongs to my younger aunt. i am much older now than when my account got banned. you see back in 2013 i was 13 and hand cleared a message since 2011.my account was so glitchy i couldnt open the messenger. i talked to a mod on here and he said i could make a new account and he would talk to you. i joined a chat sed account. and was permaband
Avatar Sk8rjess2
at 14 Mar 2019 05:27
My old account name was just Sk8rJess by the way.
Avatar Sk8rjess2
at 14 Mar 2019 05:23
Hey, long time no talk. Some time back couple years or so ago I deactivated my account. I was wondering if you could reactivate it. I see you’ve updated a lot since I’ve been gone!
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 25 Feb 2019 05:13
I pointed this out to Acid Apple but you can make the (X)'s appear by zooming in once. Resizing issue maybe?

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