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"GERMAN COMMUNICATIONS HQ: All Quiet on the Western Front"
FIRST NAME Multiple Alias'
MOOD Oligophagous
BIRTHDAY 04 Apr 1999
3DS CODE 3583-3839-2750
LAST LOGIN 04 Jun 2017
MEMBER SINCE 20 Mar 2016
MidnightSkylight's Biography
Hello. I am the legendary Veteran SDK user known as MidnightSkylight. I've been here since '12. I was under an old username, and I'd prefer not to look back on my cringe years. Anyway, I'd like to introduce my self more.
Just a heads up, I have multiple "people" I go by. Each of my "people" have different identities and personalities. That is just a heads up, as you may not be talking to the same person always.


I'm a BIG history nerd, as can by told my signature, a quote from All Quiet on the Western Front. I love history, and can talk for hours of it. I specifically enjoy War-Timed topics of History, primarily German and French warfare. I also am a huge fan of science, and enjoy space. Odd, how I love these topics, but hate math and English.

I love music too, and listen to pop-punk primarily. However, my taste varies from 60's Rat Pack music, to J-Pop. However, I STRONGLY dislike Country music.

I play Video Games too. I am An Xbox One, 3DS, and computer gamer. I commonly play For Honor, GTA V, CoD:BoIII, CoD:WaW, and Ark. I'm usually on my Xbox.

Places to find me:
XBox: NeonChaosAbove
Kik: PierceReversedSirens (Shut up I made it when I was like 13)
FB: Ask me

Hab einen guten Tag, Freund. Bis später.


Aye! Name's Pharrah! I'm a kinda colorful, unique, and interesting critter. Some people call me loud, and kinda repulsive, but who cares? I sure don't. Anyway. As you can tell, Tea is a bit of a boring old dork I'm not like him. I'm kinda stupid according to him but oh well. He is just jealous of my partying skills! Õuø. I like using emoticons to express my emotions too! ØUØ!!!
(shut up and finish your interduction so I can do mine, Pharrah!)
Fine, Fine! That's all


Hello. I am Viola. I will probably primarily be the person using this account. About 70% of the time, it'll be me. Anyway, my two idiot siblings tend to bicker and yell, as they are children. I'm the oldest, and practically their mother. I like reading, art, and herbal tea. That's why I asked mother to name Tea his name, before she died in a fire. I'm very honest and open about certain things. Goodbye.


Name's Cadence. I tend to use the pink color of chat, and I like pink. I'm kinda the mediator of everything, and all the mess here. Don't worry about all of the others. I'm the cool one obviously. I tend to be awkward, and share a bit too much (I'm probably not doing Cocaine as we speak)
Any way, I'm kinda dumb at times haha. I love memes.
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more useless shi- I mean facts.
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Avatar Rlad116
at 31 Mar 2017 09:19
Now all you have to do is accept the friend request
Avatar 2000Amelia
at 30 Mar 2017 19:16
i love history
at 30 Mar 2017 07:24
Happy late year anniversary with this account.
Avatar Rlad116
at 22 Mar 2017 16:45
Holy crap I sent that a loooong time ago
at 11 Mar 2017 20:47
Sorry dude, but my 3ds is actually broken. I keep meaning to update my bio but I can't seem to remember ever.

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