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"And it was then that I realized, thermal underwear and petroleum jelly Dont mix. "
FIRST NAME Multiple Alias'
MOOD Oligophagous
BIRTHDAY 12 Dec 1912
STATUS Engaged
3DS CODE 3583-3839-2750
LAST LOGIN 04 Oct 2017
MEMBER SINCE 20 Mar 2016
MidnightSkylight's Biography
Hello. I am the legendary Veteran SDK user known as MidnightSkylight. I've been here since '11. I was under an old username, and I'd prefer not to look back on my cringe years. Anyway, I'd like to introduce my self more.

I am not nice.

I come off as a bit mean/brutal/angry/whatever you want to call it, but believe me, once you get to know me I'm very kind.

I'm a BIG history nerd
I love history, and can talk for hours of it. I specifically enjoy War-Timed topics of History, primarily German and French warfare. I also am a huge fan of science, and enjoy space. Odd, how I love these topics, but hate math and English.

I love music too, and listen to pop-punk primarily. However, my taste varies from 60's Rat Pack music, to J-Pop. However, I STRONGLY dislike Country music.

I play Video Games too. I am An Xbox One, 360, 3DS(sold it), and computer gamer. I commonly play For Honor, GTA V, CoD:BoIII, CoD:WaW, and Ark. I'm usually on my Xbox.
I'm engaged to the love of my life, and the only girl who ever would understand me (and vice versa). She's not on this site, but here's a bit of info if you're curious. Her name's Cassidy Marie (not sharing her last name for reasons), she's 5'3 (same height as me), 128 lbs, auburn hair, hazel eyes (same eye color as I have). she was born May 26th, and she's Caucasian. she's also deaf. (she can hear using hearing aids, though) It's very difficult dealing with a deaf girl, but I manage and wouldn't want it any other way. anyway, I'm sure you guys really didn't care.

Places to find me:
XBox: NeonChaosAbove
Kik: PierceReversedSirens (Shut up I made it when I was like 13)
FB: Ask me
Geeking: Inactive currently
Snapchat: Snow vale

Hab einen guten Tag, Freund. Bis sp├Ąter.
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more useless shi- I mean facts.
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