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"On hiatus. "
FIRST NAME Octopus Fiend
MOOD Oligophagous
BIRTHDAY 02 Sep 2000
3DS CODE 3583-3839-2750
LAST LOGIN 26 Aug 2018
MEMBER SINCE 20 Mar 2016
MidnightSkylight's Biography
Hello. I am the legendary Veteran SDK user known as MidnightSkylight. I've been here since '11. I was under an old username, and I'd prefer not to look back on my cringe years. Anyway, I'd like to introduce my self more.

I am not nice.

I come off as a bit mean/brutal/angry/whatever you want to call it, but believe me, once you get to know me I'm very kind.

I'm a BIG history nerd
I love history, and can talk for hours of it. I specifically enjoy War-Timed topics of History, primarily German and French warfare. I also am a huge fan of science, and enjoy space. Odd, how I love these topics, but hate math and English.

I love music too, and listen to pop-punk primarily. However, my taste varies from 60's Rat Pack music, to J-Pop. However, I STRONGLY dislike Country music.

I play Video Games too. I am An Xbox One, 360, 3DS(sold it), and computer gamer. I commonly play For Honor, GTA V, CoD:BoIII, CoD:WaW, and Ark. I'm usually on my Xbox.

Places to find me:
XBox: NeonChaosAbove
Kik: PierceReversedSirens (Shut up I made it when I was like 13)
FB: Ask me
Geeking: Inactive currently
Snapchat: Snowvale

Hab einen guten Tag, Freund. Bis sp├Ąter.

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more useless shi- I mean facts.


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Avatar PieIsCool
at 02 Sep 2018 12:34
>STRONGLY dislike people who self diagnose their problems.

So if I say I have depression when It's not diagnosed that means I don't have depression??
Avatar Thi500
at 15 Aug 2018 00:10
I love me too
Avatar jOnAhBrAkE2
at 12 Aug 2018 02:43
Ok, i will pm you later.
Avatar GEMini GUARDian
at 11 Aug 2018 00:26
True, true, but it's-- my sig-- mostly a copy of the Half-Life 2 and 3 thing Luis said onceeee

Plus it's been so long since they made a good Sonic game, that Sonic Adventure 3 is known as sorta the, idea of, "the perfect game."
Avatar jOnAhBrAkE2
at 08 Aug 2018 22:14
Ok. I will see you later. Bye!

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