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"Professional Slackerâ„¢"
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BIRTHDAY 17 Jun 2002
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LAST LOGIN 15 Nov 2018
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If Sonic Adventure 2 it's so great, then why isn't there a Sonic Adventure 3?

hello, hello, welcome to my profile

i has finally decided to add stuff about me so-- get comfy

i have really badddd self-confidence, so-- judge me for yourself before actually believing anything i say about myselffff

im kind of a coward, and fear everything

i am a Brazilian human

that speaks 2 languages


i'm a mostly lazy person, that procrastinates a lot

so if you ever ask me to do something, or if I'm ever doing something for you, expect a wait of months

unless you're like a top priorityyyy

i really like comics, manga, and webtoons, and will discuss those happily

if it's one i've read up to the latest issue or entirely

i like being random and childish, but maybe that's a lie-- who knowssss

Cats, turtles, and ducks are best animals

Dogs are nice too, pls no hurt me ;-;

Blue is the best colour in the world, and no one can change my mindddddddddddddd

i am an artist kind of

i play 2 instruments, the violin and the guitar-- or 3 if the recorder counts

i like to make up stories except i can't stand to sit down long enough to write down all of them at once

i also hate sitting and am mostly standing up h

im horrible at math and english grammar

as you can probably tell i'm a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, so if you're into the Blue Blur, and wanna discuss him then hit me up fammmm

i also like gaming and would probably ignore you if I'm in the middle of a game-- because I'm horrible, I know

I have a PS3 and Wii

so hey, if you want to add me, here are my friend codes

PSN; Gemini2Guardian

Wii FC; 1052 3283 3968 7954

I also have a DSi, and I play online since i've finally modded it

i play Metroid Prime Hunters and Mario Kart DS online-- message me to exchange friend coded

Oh yeah, I also have a DS Lite, but my sister uses it

Complete list of owned games (Prepare for a longggggg list)

Uncharted 2 and 3

Sonic Generations

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Iron Man 2 (Never played)

Transformers: The Game (Haven't finished)

The Sims 3: Pets

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (i cAN'T SEE ANYThing on my CRT so uhhh)

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga

Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars

Lego Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues

Lego The Lego Movie Video Game

Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures

F1 Race Stars

Ice Age: Dawn of the Waldos Dinosaurs

Score International Baja 1000 The Official Game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (never played)

*Sonic Adventure 1 and 2

*Okami HD (Haven't finished)

Super Mario Galaxy

The Conduit (Haven't finished)

Some zoo game my sister hassssss

Sonic Colours

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Haven't finished)

**Mario and Sonic at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

**New Super Mario Bros.

Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts

i also have many emulated GBA, DS, and Wii games that i won't list, because this is a physical copy only list

*Games that Waldo bought for me hhhhhh (mUCH THAnks tho' <3333)

**Missing game somewhere in the home >:C

My best friends, of whom I'll always love (xoxo);

oswaldo123 (Waldo <3)

banjo2 (Danny, best friend and sibling h)

acidAPPLE (Mie)


JonahBrake2 (Jojo)

LovesLastLullaby (Mama)

Loisliumilu (Best grandad 2k18)

Rlad116 (Randy dad)

FiNrOd (Squid)

redflarezZ & ZENdaya5678 (Rizzo & Duck, superstar siblings)

Thunder6104 (Seth)

MidnightSkylight (Kai)

Face reveal (Note: This image is a little old);

thumblol u thought

Team Rocket is the pinacle of anime comedy-- change my mind

Metal Sonic is the best robot ever to exist.
Don't open spoiler if you're on DSi

here's a cool drawing

To view images (thumbs), use 3DSPaint to view my profile

All coding done by me! ^-^

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Avatar acidAPPLE
at 15 Nov 2018 16:57
already on it
Avatar acidAPPLE
at 15 Nov 2018 16:53
mimi no
Avatar Finrod
at 15 Nov 2018 16:30
Attention SDK residents!! Rlad can code your profile for you, but he needs your help! All he needs to code YOUR profile, is your parent or guardians 16 digits on the front of their credit card number. the 3 funky digits on the back, the expansion month and year of expiration!! And repost this to 5 other profiles!! Remember to use the hashtag #radladmadlad and your social security number for it to work!!
Avatar Coolguy567
at 14 Nov 2018 20:05
I'm check this website here n there. Not as much as I used to though.
Avatar Hazel3
at 14 Nov 2018 03:48
Hiya :3
I like how your profile has lots of jokes lol ^w^

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