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BIRTHDAY 29 Sep 2003
LAST LOGIN 20 Oct 2018
MEMBER SINCE 29 Sep 2017
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hello kids and welcome to me profile

And, thanks GEmini GUARDian for drawing this amazing red Tallon Metroid art! http://dsipaint.com/images/art_gallery/241478.png

If you couldn't tell, i'm a big Metroid fan. I've only finished the first four Prime games, though. If you'd like to see my Metroud Prime Hunters stats, please read here http://dsipaint.com/memberprofilepages.php?member=128972&page=4848

Rlad116 is the true offspring of CSS itself and you will bow before him.

I'm really into game modding and such. I love model, text, and audio hacks. If only I was good at 3D modeling or was creative D:

I'm not a very good conversation-maker, but i'm not going to call myself an "antisocial" person. I'm not really wanting to be an "introvert", either. I just find it hard to talk to people (especially when making eye contact), so I spend most of my time in places like this. I've improved myself on the Internet a lot, but don't expect me to be a little bundle of sunshine.

I keep a lot of information to myself, so please don't be mad if I don't give you my name/location/etc.

Did I mention I like to "stalk" people? Yeah it's a hobby. I prefer the term"study", though. If you see me looking at your profile for 59 minutes, i'd probably like to talk to you. I tend not to be a conversation starter because it makes me feel like i'm a creep. Ironic, right?

I love games, of course. Most of my games are for Wii and GameCube. I wouldn't consider myself a "retro gamer", as I play these as normal games, rather than for nostalgic/throwback purposes or anything like that.

Speaking of games, here are my game systems, in order of first obtained - last obtained...

• GameCube (Black, launch-day?)
• Wii (Modded, white, launch-day)
• DS Lite (Red/black, buttons broken D: )
• PS2 (Modded, black, PHAT)
• DSi (White, v1.4.5)
• DSi (Pink, v1.4)
• DSi (White, v1.4, HiyaCFW/SRLoader/DSiMenu++)

By the way, I do play online. I have the following functional online games:

• Mario Kart DS
• Metroid Prime Hunters
• Mario Kart Wii (I won't play vanilla, sorry)
• Super Smash Bros Brawl
• Animal Crossing: City Folk/Let's go to the City (hacked town alert!)

PM or gimmie a comment if you wanna play!

I like movies too. I pretty much like almost every movie I watch. That's probably a bad thing.

Need some help? I'm great with Wii/DSi homebrew. Ask me anything and there's a 50% chance I know the answer.

I'm a very uncreative and parasitic person. I steal people's art styles... Or art. Please don't rant about me.

I'm very quiet in real life. Like, i'm literally hard to hear at times, so don't expect a booming voice reveal.

I really hope that we can be friends. I'm open to talk about *almost* any subject. Probably not politics, furries, or toenails, though.

Food is love food is life food is h

I won't try to mess with your views if you don't poke at mine.

I'm inbetween a sarcastic person and a serious person around here. I really need to nail it down to one of the two.

I don't have real life friends, so expect me to be very formal when talking to you for the first few times.

Do me a favor and don't judge me based on my age. If you don't, then I won't judge you based on your username, BB posts, and comments.

Haru call me plos

I speak English and English only. No Spanish, French, or German... Yet. I'm also kind of a Grammar Nazi from time-to-time.

I don't wanna keep talking about myself any longer. Tell me about you. PM me or drop a comment, and I will reply. I'll also accept any FRs.

thanks friends

Oh look, a little birb

here are meh friends here
all of the below are noobs lit people

beastchris (lord of Paint and fat)

I accept all friend requests and reply to all messages. Don't be afraid to send one at any time!

I joined on my birthday, but i'm not a bot™
Also if you wanna check out the blog I wrote on that day, click THIS.

Thanks, Tomthesk8r, Rlad116, and The Unknown for the help on my profile.

Banjo's best friend, Mimi, was here!

My Wii FC is 3208-2263-6445-2579.
Credit goes to RVaL74 for this.

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