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"Sometimes you don't know what you have until it falls apart."
FIRST NAME just call me Sun
MOOD Daedal
BIRTHDAY 26 Dec 2003
3DS CODE 3068-1181-2759
NINT NETWK ID awood465
LAST LOGIN 16 Jan 2019
MEMBER SINCE 08 Jan 2019
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UPDATE: Gonna be away Friday - Sunday, 18-19-20 going on holiday XD

- The Government
- The Arrow
- 7 News

My favourite songs (just the choruses)

I need to know
If this is mutual
Before i go
and get way too involved
I want you bad
Can you reciprocate?
No, i don't want to have to leave
But half of you's not enough for me
Shawn Mendes - Mutual

Cream Soda Faygo
Damn i'm still dreamin'
They hate on me
I don't know the reason
Finna wake 'em all up
Cuz' I know they sleeping
I'm wide awake but
****, i'm still dreaming
6 dogs - Faygo Dreams

Sippin' on that 7-7
Never been this close to heavan
She got the pretty turned up to 11
Droppin' 'em dead on the dance floor
Somebody better call a doctor
She's a little heart stopper
I'm talking breaker breaker one-niner
She's a flat liner
"What do you suggest, Dierk?"
"Why not sing her a song?"
"Not one of your songs, one of mine!"
Cole Swindel & Dierk - Flat Liner

Shawty heard you bad
Word so profane
something might go bad
shawty heard you bad
Call me when you can
Going up, going down, in and out, turn around
like the way you're moving now
XXXtentacion - Bad!

This is as far as it goes
This is the end of the road
This is the end of the road
The end of the road
It's suicidal, she wrote
This is the end of the show, it's over
We doin' drugs till I'm in a coma
Juice WRLD - End of the Road

What am I doing?
Tell me what am I doing?
What am i doing here?
I said what am i doing here
If i'm not being Real.
NF - Real

Don't break your back for me
I'll put you out of your misery
Tell me that it's all okay
I've been waiting on this all damn day
Call me in the mornin
Tell me how last night went
I'm here
But don't count on me to stay
Post Malone - Stay

If you want Love
You gon' have to go through the pain
If you want love
You gon' have to learn how to change (i wish somebody would've told me)
If you want trust
You gon' have to give some away
(you gon' have to give)
If you want love
If you want love
NF - If you want Love

I got too much on my mind
But not enough time
My head's in overdrive
Tears falling from my eyes
I don't wanna cry
I don't wanna die
Defeated by the feelings of my demons eating me alive
Xam - Defeated

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CREDIT TO Banjo2 for helping me turn a boring old white background to an electrifying (literally!) profile page!!
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NF - Oh Lord
Juice WRLD - Rich and Blind
Some random thing i wrote


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Tom Hardy's 'Venom' in 2018 09 Jan 2019
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