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"If you catch a cold, you get sick. So what happens if you catch a hot?"
BIRTHDAY 23 Nov 2000
Wii CODE 404
3DS CODE 3411-3046-0000
NINT NETWK ID Ask last 4 digits for 3DS
LAST LOGIN 03 May 2016
MEMBER SINCE 13 Sep 2010
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For starters, I was a regular visitor on the site around 2010. I can be on at anytime. If not, then most likely I'm playing on the 3DS, sleeping, or doing something else. I do have a heart condition called Pulmonary Hypertension so I'm kind of physically challenged... but anyways I don't give up easily though. Oh, I'm Filipino and understand some Spanish and Tagalog (all not too fluent but I'm learning). If you want know more about me, ask.

Also, I've been a chat moderator since July 8, 2014. Friend or foe, if you break the rules, I will ban you. Sorry. Screw it. Just don't post any Jared Fogle stuff or anything that's too obscene.

I mean it. Don't make me use this.

Terminator as of March 5, 2015.

Blogmin, BBmin, Profilemin, Groupmin, and Helpdeskmin (Secretary?) as of April 11, 2016.

Games I have
-DS Games (Don't ask me to play them with you. Nintendo Wifi Connection ended May 2014):
Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Black, Metroid Prime Hunters.
-3DS games:
Pokemon AlphaSapphire (I play competitive), Ironfall (Demo)

Some interest
Colors: Pink, Red, White, Blue, Silver, and Black.

Music: Touhou, Video Game Music (VGM for short), and sometimes pop as an instrumental.

Activities: Video games, trolling, and Internet stuff.

Food and Drink: Salmon, Sushi, Shrimp Ceviche, Sarsi (look it up. It's like Heaven's soda for me), Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Any spicy, sweet, or sour foods.

Games: Pokemon (especially Hoenn), Metal Gear Solid 3, Final Fantasy (V, VI, XII, and Tactics Advance), World of Warcraft.

TV, Movies, and Films: Baka and Test, Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, Shindler's List, In Time, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Johnny English Reborn, Gran Torino, and Hunger Games. I don't have TV and I barely go to the movies.

School Subjects:
Science, Economics, Art, Law, Sleeping (wait, sleeping isn't a subject. Oh well).

Cats (used to have one), Dogs (if they don't bite), Wood Frogs (they can be frozen and live!), Meerkats (used to watch Meerkat Manor), Raccoons, Eagles.

Contacts or other sites
Facebook: Ask me in person. I'm not linking it anymore. If you somehow find it, message me who you are or I will definately NOT add you.

Youtube: AngelicStarShadow. It's mainly used for bookmarking videos.

Hatena: Angela (id: Star_Shadow) Hatena is dead by the way.

World of Warcraft:
-Server: Lightbringer.
-Characters: Omegahunterx, Angelicstar, Alicelestial, Sagittaria, Omeganullxyz, Ombrecorbeau, Elunesive, Deathalchemy, Jillaria, and Ironserpent. I hang out around Goldshire or Stormwind. I only play Alliance.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments. :3
Spam, hate speech, and advertisement (of blogs or website) are all automatically deleted.

On the computer? This is the best video ever of SDK. Cortesy of me. o.o
Best SDK video ever

Also thanks to Randy for the Logo code.

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Sounds like a lot of
27 Nov 2015
Views: 434
Comm: 14
Frost Mage 6.2 30 Sep 2015
Views: 557
Comm: 4
A Challenge (Alternate Universe) 29 Jan 2015
Views: 724
Comm: 20
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension 31 Jul 2014
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Nintendo Wifi Connection for DS and Wii shutting down 12 May 2014
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Avatar PieIsCool
at 03 May 2016 02:04
Not that much to be honest, I'm mostly a Nintendo player.
I guess Minecraft sometimes
Avatar Divine Crusader
at 02 May 2016 21:07
y u no play pkmn no mre, i wana rek u again
Avatar PieIsCool
at 02 May 2016 19:33
Well not much, but I like to hear other people talk about it.

And other games? I do like the Kirby series alot, Zelda, a bit Undertale but I havent played much of it yet. Earthbound is another one that I like
Avatar PieIsCool
at 02 May 2016 19:27
I do like all of Pokemon. I just talk about MD the most on SDK Paint :p
Avatar PieIsCool
at 02 May 2016 18:16
Well I know alot about you on your Bio

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