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"How could someone say they're helpless? And then they act so selfish."
MOOD Enamored
BIRTHDAY 16 Oct 1996
3DS CODE 4382-2465-6710
LAST LOGIN 22 Jan 2019
MEMBER SINCE 12 Oct 2010
Joshdog's Biography
So, I'm Joshdog, or Josh, as most call me. Ahhh....I'm generally not a people person, soo if you end up talking to me, and it feels awkward, that's probably why. My hobbies include RP[see below if you're interested], video games, writing of various forms, playing my various musical instruments, listening to music, and a few others I can't seem to remember.

If anyone RP's, feel free to leave a comment if you would like to RP with me. I'm almost always open to more RP.

If you have a problem with me, that's fine. I will NOT change who I am just because you don't like it. If it really bugs you, just don't talk to me. It's that easy. I'm not perfect, no-one is. But at least I'm not the one going around judging people for their differences.

♪Have you ever met a living legend? Just a real friend who planned his end. And where do I begin? You said it was pretend. And when the bullet when through, it took more than just you. It took two. It was you, it was me, and suddenly. How could someone say they're helpless, and then they act so selfish? You put me through, hell with this so **** you let's just end this. And what about our friendship? And what you did was senseless. You thought you found an exit? Like I said, let's end this.♪

I have yet to find a verse from a song to hit closer to home than this. This..this right here, it hits so close to home I tear up just listening to the song.

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Joshdog's Blogs
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Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 28 Dec 2018 07:49
Cook me some pancakes please, heres the mix *Hands over hungry jack pancake mix* Actually, save it for yourself 'cause my 3Ds is passing.
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 28 Dec 2018 07:30
I could go for some fresh orange/apple juice rn, oh man I'm hungry.....
Can you cook?
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 28 Dec 2018 07:24
Its like spring rn, it rained like 3 hours ago, and Iowa usually is......Iowa.... I won't jinks it though, rain is enough, makes me want to go to flordia....
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 28 Dec 2018 07:18
That sucks, I do have to admit, Grandma makes some pretty good dinners, *Begins counting claw tips while trying to fight a growling stomach* Cranberry sauce...... Turkey...... Cresent Rolls..... Well, next year it may be more enjoyable right?

It hasn't been a white Christmas, pretty happy about that tbh.
Avatar Nearan-Nadorian
at 28 Dec 2018 07:09
Well, I'm forced to go to family gatherings. I would rather be sleeping in at home, instead of being botherd to wake up early for a few discrete gifts that you probably won't need or use. I am fine with a small family Christmas, just not with relatives. Is that how you are?

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