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"KylennR is really hot and he is my boyfriend. ~ RaidaR2000."
MOOD Belligerent
DOING NOW [Private]
BIRTHDAY 25 May 1998
STATUS Married
3DS CODE 1246-8799-5758
NINT NETWK ID KylennR if I had one
LAST LOGIN 27 Oct 2018
MEMBER SINCE 19 Sep 2011
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This is what I live by on this site. I am no better than you.

raidar2000 <3

May God always bless TBreezy2,
For he may be better than all of you.
Just when I think all hope is lost,
He is always there, no matter what the cost.

Yeah, they talking down on me; I don't really think they should.
They say they can do it better; I don't really think they could.
I ain't one for "brothers" wishes, but I wish a "brother" would.
This ain't as easy as it looks; I just make it look good.
~ Forest Green Mike G and Left Brain


Welcome, Friend. I am KylennR!

Add Me:
Instagram- KylennR or World_of_art2
Twitter- KylennR
3DS and Wii are up there
Gmail- Kylennr@gmail.com
GameCenter- Mr. Red Nose
iMessage- kylennr@yahoo.com
PSN- KylennR
Skype- KylennR
Facebook- Kyle Niner
Snapchat- KylennR
Kik- KylennR
If you'd like to FaceTime me message me first.
Add me as a friend and I'll get to know you.


I will start now by saying that yes, this profile was changed. The old one wasn't me, I'm not that scary guy that you don't want to talk to because he is mean. I will always try to be nice, but if that doesn't work, you may as well change your account information.

I bet you're a cool person, almost everyone is somewhere in theirselves. I've learned over the years that it isn't about what you have that makes you who you are. You and only one can define yourself. No one can do that for you, but if you are lazy, you will go unknown. Make things happen. Believe in yourself. Long live RoD, he believed in this stuff.

I believe and care about everyone to a different degree. Obviously certain people will mean more to be than others but that doesn't mean I don't care about everyone. I understand a lot of you don't like me and I don't really care. If you don't like me chances are I gave you a reason not too.


I may randomly talk to you in the chat rooms, I believe everyone should get talked to on here. We are known as a community, communities stick together. Never think less of yourself because no one will talk to you, people do care about you. With that said, also remember not to think too much of yourself because everyone talks to you. I've made that mistake before.

If you are wondering which sports teams I like, I can tell you that I love any sport team from Arizona. Sundevils, Wildcats, D-Backs, Suns, Coyotes, but especially the Cardinals. I love watching footballs because I am too frightened to play it anymore. It was my favorite hobby two years ago. After a bad accident, I am frightened though.

I live in North Carolina, good luck finding me. I was born here. My dad delivered me as well. He is a doctor who specializes in that category.

I absolutely love fantasy football. Ask me to join one of my leagues. I will let anyone join them as long as they have spots available. I'm usually in around nine leagues. A lot of which are with my friends and family.

I will always try to help you,but remember I don't know everything. If your problem still remains, I may find someone who can help you. But, hopefully I won't need too.

I don't really think I'm anyone's best friend nor do I think I'm their friend at all really. The people who call me their friend in chats never message me or talk to me otherwise (with the exception of a few). Popularity is an illusion. People see me in the chats with everyone talking to me, and they probably think, "wow, he must be popular." Truth is I'm really not, I'm just like everyone else. Maybe not as smart or as funny or as cool but I try to be just as nice.

I love it when people draw something for me! I always accept fanart and put it on my profile. You're all talented somehow, and I would love to see what you could come up with. Add me and draw something for me or edit a photo with one of my favorite gymnasts or something. It would be very much appreciated. Special thanks to all the beautiful art that I have already posted on my profile. <3

I collect pennants and decks of cards. I know a total of fourteen cards games but I tend to play Rummy 500 the most. If you count mini pennants and the pennants I drew I have a total of 211, 128 of which were drawn. I hang them in my room and in the pool table room, which brings me to what I plan to collect next. I am going to try to collect pool cues. I have only one that actually belongs to me, but I plan to get one for Christmas and get another one with my Christmas money.

School wise I would say I'm an average student. I get all of my work done on time and I get As and Bs, except last year when I had a 98% overall average and got number one in my class. Highschool isn't harder it just has a lot more work to it. Being that I go to a college preparatory school it is their job to tech me about how college works and such. I remember the name change from Westchester Academy to Westchester Country Day School. I was so mad.


I will most likely leave random comments on your profile, but don't think I'm a creep. If you look at my admin jobs, you will see profilemin. That means it is My job to find profiles that are dirty to make SDK a better place. To be honest I have gotten way too many people being jerks and idiots when I tell them to change their profile. You guys need to get a clue. If you want to be on this site, you have to follow a certain set of rules. If you don't want to follow these rules then you can't be on this site. You need to learn that on your profile I AM THE BOSS OF YOU. You have to deal with that. Don't come and leave dumbass comments on my profile because you believe I'm wrong and you're right. Chances are, if the word is blanked out when you type it, then I am going to be right.


I don't have any room to add you to my 3DS friends list. I will not delete anyone, but you are not missing much because I'm almost never online. Plus, I can't even find my 3DSmost of the time. If you would like more friends then try a site called bynx.me. You get a lot of friends fast.

If you have any questions contact me somehow and ask me them. Even if I don't know I'll try to answer them. This is such a long biography.


#1- Gymnastics all the way, Bro. Here is a list of all the gymnasts I like. Viktoria Komova, Anastasia Belova, Viktoria Kuzmina, Ekaterina Baturina, Maggie Nichols, Peyton Ernst, Bailey Key, Victoria Moors, Aliya Mustafina, Kristina Levshina, Larisa Iordache, Sophia Serseri, Ana Porgras, Maria Paseka, Elisa Meneghini, McKayla Maroney, Alicia Sacramone, Nastia Liukin, Daria Spiridonova, Erika Fasana, Dominique Pegg, Rebecca Bross, Laura Mitchell, Stefania Stanila, Elisabetta Preziosa, Kristina Vaculik, Maddie Karr, Ellie Black, Shawn Johnson, Sui Lu, Anastasia Dimitrieva, Shallon Olsen, Kyla Ross, and Samantha Peszek.

#2- I really like sports. I don't really play any, but I used to play some of them. I played baseball, football, soccer, and cricket.


Placebo received August 17th, 2012
Profilemin received August 18th, 2012
All powers lost December 5th, 2012
Profilemin received again June 12th, 2013
Chatmod received July 25th, 2013

Overlord (no)
Affiliate (yes)
Blogs (yes)
Bulletin Board (yes)

Chatmod (yes)
Game Host (yes)
Groups (yes)
Paintings (yes)
Photographer (yes)

Placebo (yes)
Pollmin (yes)
Profile (yes)
Saviimin (yes)
Secretary (yes)
Terminator (yes)
TWiiter (yes)

Goodbye, and have a nice day.

Perfection at it's finest.


PROFILE DONE BY: All coding credits are responsible by Rlad116 and Agf4nov1998.


Kylerrrr, I love you like hell. This pink totally suits you you btw. No problem

Kyle is an amazing person. Despite the way he portrays himself in the chatrooms, he is very down to earth. He is funny, nice, and all that other stuff that you don't really need in life. So appreciate it or I will treat you as the rotten piece of ham you are.
-Raidar <3

Kyle is just awesome. Look it up in the dictionary. -Rlad116

Kyle is iceberg cold. ~ KaticaRae

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