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Avatar RoxOfJewel
at 28 Sep 2016 22:40
Almost been a year since your last login... Hmm.
Avatar jsa005
at 29 Nov 2015 09:31
Hello! Sent you a friend request. ;)
Avatar HexiDecimator
at 19 Mar 2014 23:33

I am currently finishing up a direct download file so that you may download instructions to your computer.

It will be an LXF file, for use in the program Lego Digital Designer(LDD). Note: You will only be able to use this download if you have LDD, so download it now!

In the download will be the project file itself along with a .TXT document with short instructions on what to do. I will write everything in a blog and link you to it once it's published. Said blog will contain download links.

Avatar HexiDecimator
at 26 Nov 2013 00:01

GamePad Update #2

I'm considering the idea of making the instructions for the GamePad in a program called LDD: Lego Digital Designer. What this program allows me to do is make 3D Lego modeals on my computer.

The instructions you will receive for the GamePad RV4 will not be for the original GamePad RV4. The structure is sronger and has an added stylus port, alongside the already existing two game cartridge ports and stands.

Avatar HexiDecimator
at 24 Nov 2013 01:31
My GamePad design has reached the required amount of interest in order for me to make instructions for it, all ReVisions of the GamePad past the RV4 will have corresponding instructions.

You have posted on the GamePad RV3 photo, and had thus subscribed yourself to updates involving any version of the GamePad design.

Those interested:
- Joshdog
- Randomjeff
- PopperMan99
- NillocSkywalker
- SnakeHawk100
- Hyllanzombie234
- Axel3000
- FancyPants
- nakashiAharo

GamePad Updte #1

The GP RV4 has already been torn apart for the construction of th RV5. However, I am going to rebuild the RV4 design with need tweaks. That will be the first version with instructions.

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