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AssassinKitten: PLACES TO FIND ME
My Steam: Mayasi Rin.
I've been using it more often pretty recently. Mostly just broadcasting Spoopy games to entertain my friends but I mean tune in if you just want to hear an awkward furry be scared and yelling?

Deviantart: Bottledhell.
I draw art sometimes.

Youtube: Masked Feline.
I barely do anything on Youtube.

Colorslive: OregonCross
More arting.

Chickensmoothie: Veenatan.
Don't do much there tbh.

Twitter: @Goatlinqs
I mostly just yell vague things about games or yell at Finny.

Avatar banjo2
at 24 May 2019 05:08
I'm on DSi and see the background just fine, and, Fin doesn't have 3DS last I checked↓
Avatar Rlad116
at 23 May 2019 18:17
Some image types aren't supported on 3ds and dsi is why ↓
Avatar Finrod
at 23 May 2019 13:17
It’s pure white for me lol
Avatar Rlad116
at 22 May 2019 23:36
Don't listen to him
Avatar Finrod
at 22 May 2019 16:05
Broken profile :0
Avatar JonahBrake2
at 25 Apr 2019 18:34
nice textbox
Avatar oswaldo123
at 21 Apr 2019 07:42
You learn tricks from playing, like you can build blocks over your head 2 blocks above you and stand under it while fighting mobs that are 3 blocks high like whither skeletons and enderman, to kill some of the tougher mobs tbh without taking a hit. A tree works most of the time for enderman.
Avatar oswaldo123
at 21 Apr 2019 07:27
Oh I'm alright at it so I guess so
Avatar oswaldo123
at 21 Apr 2019 07:23
Lol why do you say that?
Avatar oswaldo123
at 21 Apr 2019 07:20
1v1 on minecraft ps4 >:c
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