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banjo2: Metroid Prime Hunters stats (Wiimmfi)
heyheyhey, here's my stats for the game Metroid Prime Hunters for DS. It's a really good game (imo) and I suggest that you buy it.

I have my DSi set up for Wiimmfi. I'll put my friend code on later. For now, i'm using a sepeerate card for online play, so my stats will appear different in-game. Here they are for my main, anyways.

Stats are as of Febuary 20th, 2018.

Hunter of choice: Trace

WiFi win record: 0 of 0

Wireless/bot win record: 250 of 339

Connection history: 100% (What's this?????)

Win ratio: 74%

Win streak: 23

Lucky arena: Alinos Gateway

Favorite weapon: Shock Coil

Headshot kills: 104

Favorite mode: Survival

Biped (standing) kills: 923

Alt-form kills: 790

Total kills: 1,713

Highest kill streak: 47

I'm not putting times here because fat.

Avatar HefMan4
at 21 Sep 2018 06:33
yes m8
Avatar HefMan4
at 21 Sep 2018 06:29
Avatar redflarezZ
at 19 Sep 2018 20:48
smash 4 hhhh
Avatar redflarezZ
at 18 Sep 2018 22:58
yeah :c bug sad
Avatar Finrod
at 18 Sep 2018 22:00
Don’t read Herman’s comment section
Avatar Heritage123
at 18 Sep 2018 19:28
Avatar HefMan4
at 18 Sep 2018 18:22
Yea frl
Avatar HefMan4
at 18 Sep 2018 18:16
Avatar HefMan4
at 18 Sep 2018 15:22
Yea just chillin b. Wbu
Avatar HefMan4
at 18 Sep 2018 15:20
Obviously. I’ve never left
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