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21 Aug 14

How to become a chicken nuggets
Score: 4
    In Educational
    By UnderRatedLuigi
Hammer Joe Is My New
robot minion to destroy megaman with

Score: -2
    In Reviews
    By Waffle King
Believe in Yourself - to those who have lost hope in themselves
Score: 10
    In Inspirational
    By FancyPants
R.I.P. Carlos Ekeh
Score: 4
    In Current Events
    By Sk8rJess

20 Aug 14

Score: 5
    In Gaming
    By Nin10doh98
The Weekly Interviews! Week 14! Warriorsnerd27! 8-20-14!
Score: 9
    In This Community
    By Kangaroo021

17 Aug 14

Flipping The Bird
Score: 5
    In Reviews
    By Waffle King

16 Aug 14

Who Cares?
Score: 8
    In Polemic Rant
    By RaidaR2000
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