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10 Oct 15

Please Take a Moment to Read This.
Score: 1
    In Ask for Help
    By BanMan

08 Oct 15

HullBreach Studios at OGDE 2015
Score: 11
    In Gaming
    By HullBreach

06 Oct 15

Why is the world so crazy? (2)
Score: 3
    In Miscellaneous
    By RedFlarezz

05 Oct 15

I Ain't no Badass (Although I am a Rebel)
Score: 2
    In Poetry
    By PinkFloyd113

04 Oct 15

Why is the world so crazy?
Score: 8
    In Current Events
    By RedFlarezz
The Future
Score: 6
    In Short Story
    By Rlad116
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