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02 Mar 15

NONM: The brand new Nintendo news & reviews site, coming VERY soon.
Score: 1
    In Related Website
    By jsa005

01 Mar 15

My Face
Score: 14
    In Educational
    By Raisons du Coeur

28 Feb 15

My Big Fat Greek Genocide
Score: 7
    In Reviews
    By Waffle King
A Journey To A Black Hole
Score: 5
    In Educational
    By Tech.no.38800715

27 Feb 15

I'll Be Banning You
Score: 26
    In Inspirational
    By LaZerWoLF
420 Praise It
Score: 5
    In Reviews
    By Waffle King
Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)
Score: 10
    In Current Events
    By Monstercat
Reason for SDK's crappy server:
Score: 6
    In This Community
    By PinkFloyd113

26 Feb 15

Want to make some greasy ass breakfast?
Score: 9
    In Educational
    By Haruspex
To Safety
Score: 2
    In Short Story
    By DeathTheKid1464
Super Smash Puff Balls
Score: 4
    In Gaming
Pyramids in Pennsylvania
Score: 4
    In Educational
    By atreyufan1500
Being an Admin
Score: 22
    In Miscellaneous
    By Raisons du Coeur

24 Feb 15

Jam your sword in some skulls.
Score: 5
    In Gaming
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