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Opened Questions

Custom HTML/CSS (0) under Request
By Dakota55
Notifications Box Time Bar. (5) under New Feature
By LaZerWoLF
Poll Edits (0) under New Feature
By Sk8rJess
Kind of funny issue with the SDK application (2) under Bug Report
By Monstercat
Like/Dislike button for BBs (0) under New Feature
By TacoRocco
Terminator problem. (0) under New Feature
By Sk8rJess
Group Events (2) under New Feature
By To4oo4
3DSPaint suggestions (5) under New Feature
By Darkstarm
New dsipaint feature. (5) under New Feature
By Rlad116
Deleting Help Desk Comments.. (9) under New Feature
By Sk8rJess
'subscriptions' (3) under New Feature
By Icarus
Bulletin Board Features (5) under New Feature
By PopperMan99
Spoiler button (14) under Request
By Rlad116
Pretty Sure I've Posted This Before But... (7) under New Feature
By Sk8rJess
Image Upload Files (5) under New Feature
By SkaterGirl13
Custom Spoiler (3) under New Feature
By Bombfactor

Closed Questions

DELETE some BB stuff? (Request)
By PopperMan99
Why can't photos I upload from my 3ds show up? (Bug Report)
By wolfhowl45
Can't upload images. (Bug Report)
By Icarus
Avatar Uploading (Request)
By Rlad116
Savii auction (Other)
By Dakota55
savii problem (Bug Report)
By marioumarios400
What badges are there, how do people get them? (Other)
By cutter
Seriously, guys... don't deactivate it! (Complaint)
By Icarus
Not an alt! (Other)
By Icarus
when r there ppl in chatrooms? (Other)
By cutter
Poorly treated question (Complaint)
By Dakota55
Name Change Request (Other)
By FireEmblem123
Savii Auction? (Bug Report)
By -Martha-
A problem. Not a big problem, but a problem. (Bug Report)
Lock out assistance (Other)
By anthony1243
Paintings, highscores, saviis...etc (Request)
By anthony1243
Tap Party highscores (Complaint)
By anthony1243
High Score on Tap party (Bug Report)
By anthony1243
Log in Issue (Bug Report)
By anthony1243
Blog Polls (New Feature)
By muzzletgh
Ban Request: Raven58 (Other)
By muzzletgh
Savii Creator Not Working (Other)
By Gamergal11
3DSPaint gallery paintings not visible. (Bug Report)
By Acolyptor
"SMTP Error" Unable to make new accounts (Bug Report)
By HexiDecimator
Uhm, I need advice. (Other)
By aNGiEgIrL
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