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I have a huge question.. (Request)
By PieIsCool
How does the literature thing work? (Other)
By Mega-Raichu
creepy illuminati song (Complaint)
By jsa005
Broken image on the My Zone menu (3DS Paint) (Bug Report)
An Easy Way To Help Newcomers (Request)
By Cappuccino
Could you add a reply system to the Profile Comments? (Complaint)
By Aleena123
Adding content to book (Bug Report)
By boredom101
How do I make a spoiler button? (Other)
By Mega-Raichu
How do I post 3D Photos to the gallery? (Other)
By Mega-Raichu
Adding friend problem (Bug Report)
By HefMan4
How do I join the Illuminati (Other)
By HefMan4
Use of other code on profiles (Other)
By HefMan4
email system still broken (Complaint)
By inSein
Search for Polls? (New Feature)
By AcidApple
sign up system is broken (Bug Report)
By inSein
I try to chat... (Bug Report)
By AcidApple
How to play Hullbreach Online with Wii U? (Other)
By ianoliver604
Why is this happening?? (Complaint)
By AcidApple
Misinformation in the chatroom icon... (Bug Report)
By Rainbow51743
Ugh... That wasn't me (Complaint)
By ZenDaya5678
Username change. (Request)
By Beavertail13
Abandoned site? (Other)
By Tailiye
Password reset problem (Bug Report)
By atreyufan1500
Issues with 3DSPaint (painting) on New Nintendo 3DS (Bug Report)
By jsa005
Important life question (Other)
By IronShadow
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