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Opened Questions

Missing Text? (0) under Bug Report
By jOnAhBrAkE2
The new chatroom coding on 3dspaint might have messed up the banning system. (3) under Bug Report
By Luisjo96
Admin Art Page (2) under Other
By oswaldo123
Ban list machine broke (2) under Bug Report
By Star Shadow
Please disable [style] in PM titles (1) under Request
By banjo2

Closed Questions

COOL BLOG IDEA (0) under New Feature
By Thi500
Dsi Paint eraser? (3) under Request
By Heritage123
Group messaging? (2) under Other
By Heritage123
Verify my account (1) under Request
By Heritage123
How does verifying my account work? (2) under Request
By Heritage123
bucks and points (1) under Other
By Dsiforlife
verification (2) under Request
By Dsiforlife
Blogs are broken (in multiple ways) (4) under Bug Report
By banjo2
Shoutbox not shouting (0) under Bug Report
By greydreams
Press F to uncensor (3) under Request
By Finrod
Account won't verify (1) under Bug Report
By protondo
Spoiler machine broke (1) under Bug Report
By jOnAhBrAkE2
Can gameshows be brought back to life? (1) under Request
By jOnAhBrAkE2
Color text. (1) under Request
How do you make spoilers again? (1) under Request
Account won't be verified (2) under Request
By ShinyDiancie
Why are figure tags uploaded to 3DSPaint but not DSiPaint? (4) under Other
By banjo2
Simplify "Become a Patron!" button (7) under Request
By banjo2
URL's and chatroom changing (1) under Other
By Shadowhunter#135808
Empty Chatrooms? (2) under Bug Report
By Shadowhunter#135808
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