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Opened Questions

email reusage (3) under Other
By GEMini GUARDian
Can there be an option to disable smilie/emoji convert? (3) under New Feature
By Hazel3
Friends list (1) under Complaint
By Acunninglinguist
Make Profile Info Hideable (1) under New Feature
By banjo2
Jesus Christ our lord and savior please god help us amen. 🙏 (5) under Complaint
By Finrod
Can we have an event soon? (5) under Request
By Asparagus
Https/SSL? (4) under New Feature
By Star Shadow
OverlorDS (2) under Other
By GEMini GUARDian
Display newer figure tags on DSiPaint (0) under Request
By banjo2

Closed Questions

Passchange (0) under Bug Report
By JonahBrake2
Is it possible to choose a custom profile pic? (1) under Other
By Hazel3
Where can I find the rules page? (1) under Other
By Hazel3
registration (1) under Other
By Savo201
registration (0) under Other
By Savo201
3dspaint friend activity list (5) under Bug Report
By greydreams
Can I make my blog ACTUALLY PRIVATE?? (1) under Complaint
Restricted chatroom commands (3) under New Feature
By banjo2
Dark Theme (1) under Complaint
By Rlad116
Switch FC thing (2) under New Feature
By Rlad116
Chatroom Ninja Broken. (4) under Bug Report
By oswaldo123
Issues with the recent updates (3) under Bug Report
By banjo2
where can i find the number for the picture for my book? (1) under Request
By SnowBriar
Time Stamps (1) under Bug Report
By Rlad116
My Zone Questions (5) under Other
By GEMini GUARDian
Savii Slot Scam (1) under Bug Report
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