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Opened Questions

Spriter Copy-Paste (5) under Bug Report
By paulolol
Friend Requests? (8) under Bug Report
By Ninjas Girl
3DSPaint- Instant painting instead of holding (7) under New Feature
By Darkstarm
Blog Check (3) under New Feature
By Sk8rJess
View DSiPaint Art Gallery On 3DSPaint? (4) under New Feature
By LaZerWoLF
New 3DS Paint (3) under Bug Report
By Caolan96
Divided/Paged Messages (1) under New Feature
By Star Shadow
Badges Page (3) under New Feature
By Sk8rJess
Something About Groups (3) under New Feature
Ideas for new additions to the sites. (3) under New Feature
By GuitarGodAnth
Tiler as Avatars (9) under New Feature
By inSein
Neat Suggestions and Perks for Profile Administrators (3) under New Feature
By Monstercat
Message Inbox Search Feature (5) under New Feature
By Icarus
BBCode to add a CSS Class ([class] maybe?) and site element styling guide (3) under New Feature
By jsa005

Closed Questions

One of the ads (Complaint)
By Rlad116
Rolodex is broken (Bug Report)
By tomrow
Uh...Help? (Other)
By Screeching Flare
New Features for Profile mins (New Feature)
By Rlad116
New stuff? (New Feature)
By PinkFloyd113
Friend's Account (Other)
By Wolfy2215
Changing my icon? (Other)
By RainbowCookiez34
Sell TMJ stuff (New Feature)
By paulolol
Im gone? why? (Complaint)
By drew25
Flipnote Gallery (New Feature)
By GameNerdz
3D gallery upload (Bug Report)
By Craaig
Painting on my Note 3 (Other)
By Ninjas Girl
Online members (New Feature)
By CaPtAiN.sAcHi
How do I trade/Send/Give TMJ items to other players? (Other)
By Bodil40
Not necessary, but would be greatly appreciated. (New Feature)
By Ninjas Girl
Savis won't work! :( (Complaint)
By lolgal75
Group? how do u make one (Request)
By lolgal75
How to create chat parties/celebrations (Other)
By lolgal75
Cannot view tilesets other than "Uncategorized", cannot save tiles (Bug Report)
By jsa005
You must add content for publication. (Request)
By ellepuppy6789
What happened to the Roleplay chatrooms? (Other)
By Dynamo
TWiiter Submission (Bug Report)
By DripDrop
help...... (Other)
By cheryl12332
Message help. (Other)
By cheryl12332
SAVIIS are broken. (Bug Report)
By inSein
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