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Your opinion on these people that keep spamming bad trap and emo memes on the polls?
  By Luisjo96
If a completely random stranger on the streets asked you the time, and all you have with you is your phone, would you pull it off to tell them?
  By Luisjo96
  By FiNrOd
Baby Luis pictures vs Trap Luisa in a dress
  By Gemini Guardian
Is Waldo emo?
  By Gemini Guardian
Is Luis's'es'ss country emo?
  By banjo2
Is StarShadow (Angela) emo?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
  By Luisjo96
What blog should I make?
  By FancyPants
  By Gemini Guardian
Is Acid emo?
  By AcidApple
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