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L I K E T H I S ?
  By Gemini Guardian
  By AcidApple
Does mimi condone dinosaur abuse?
  By oswaldo123
should finny be banned from embedding herself into cuphead in video memes about fried elephants?
  By banjo2
should finny in bed cuphead meme be banned from video?
  By banjo2
Nah but did it feel good though?
  By Thi500
Should meta polls that feature polls about Finny banning embed videos and cuphead memes be prohibited?
  By FiNrOd
Should polls about Finny banning embeded videos of Cuphead memes be banned?
  By Star Shadow
Should finny making polls about if embed videos should be banned be banned?
  By Gemini Guardian
Should embed videos be banned?
  By FiNrOd
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