Terms and Conditions

    The official name of this website is DSiPaint, but DS Opera SDK is a variant name. Domain names that point to this website are dsoperasdk.com, dsioperasdk.com, dsipaint.com, dssdk.com, dsisdk.com, dschatroom.com, dsichatroom.com. Domains with shared accounts are hullbreachonline.com and wiioperasdk.com. Products and services are all developed by Daniel Gump, also known as HullBreach. He can be contacted through [hullbreach at dsipaint dot com].

This website and/or related websites periodically hold free contests for members in the form of trivia games, word games, special events, etc. During the game show contests, scores are tallied with a win point system. The winner earns one Winner Credit. The winner of the month is the member with the most Winner Credits. Other contests will be judged in differing manners of which will be announced with the contests. Game and winner histories remain stored in the database for later audits.

During the first week of the following month, HullBreach will conduct an audit of all Winner Credits to determine any fraudulence or improper tallies. Winner Credits will be adjusted accordingly. By the second week of that month, the winner will be contacted via email concerning the prize.

Prizes will vary each month. Each prize will be announced during the month when it can be won. Electronic prizes will be sent via email or directly through Nintendo WiFi Connection. Tangible prizes are mailed to a valid home address or post office box.

To arrange prize acceptance, the winner must have a valid email address tied to the membership account. If there is no valid email address at the beginning of the following month, the prize will be awarded to the next available runner-up. Tangible prizes will be substituted with electronic ones for all winners who are minors, unless parents or guardians allow a mailing address to be provided.

The terms and conditions on this page are subject to change without notice. Any changes immediately supercede previous terms and conditons.

By taking part in the prize winning process, you accept the terms listed on this page. Prizes will not be awarded without agreement to these terms and conditions. All minors must have a parent or guardian accept these terms and conditions for them to be accepted as valid in the case of prizes that need a mailing.