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In we need to make dsi paint good again
05 May 2021 04:21
The distinguished banjo2 spake:

The distinguished Gemini Guardian spakequote]
if paint were to support the homebrew community, perhaps we may get more traction around here

imagine a dsi application integrated to the login and photo upload system

imagine browsers for 3ds and dsi fully optimized for the websites

imagine being able to add stuff and not be hindered by "well, opera 9.5 doesn't support it, so"

but it won't happen [/quote]

It's a shame, considering you could likely extend the life of a DSi/3DS probably tenfold with custom/tailored software. You could really turn them into PDA-like devices, and the possibilities could be endless for this site.
XBitLLC (3)
In Never die DSiPaint
05 May 2021 04:17
The distinguished bloodofgore spake:

When I first came here I was 10, now I'm 21.

I believe I was 13, I'm turning 24 in July. I'm using a new account, mainly because it's super cringey to look at my old stuff (especially the PM's).
XBitLLC (3)
In A Big Thank You
05 May 2021 04:14
Rick Yoder here, original creator of DSVille Lite and Ajango.

To any of you that remember me and had used my websites so many years ago, I would like to cordially thank you for your support.

Coming back onto this site after nearly a decade passed is interesting for sure. I truly miss the days of not having a care in the world besides middle school and coding.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This community helped shape who I am as a person.
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