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i put for sell!

By ben4ever41

vampire form (me)

When you combine a young soul with evil. Give them sharp fangs and no heart... if love finds him he will deny it and run. flirting does nothing he lies to himself for content but cant reach any feeling. alone he stand in the dark. a purpose is all he wanted. but he sits here before. look in his eye. what do you see? dispair? death? how about nothing? what ever you see if see deep enough you'll see me under that flesh...

By ben4ever41

unwanted knight

as the cold wind blows in the night this young knight walks.he is unwanted by all and stand alone. but with another unwanted person they will walk together guess i made a new friend

By ben4ever41

Sheriff Cowboy

Howdy! I'm the sheriff of my small town. Come and stay for a while men, those can cans can certainly entertain you! Women, those wreckless cowboys will do anything for you! It's my job to whip them into shape for the sake of the town! Wish me luck!

By ben4ever41

ben in black

ya its yours truly ben4ever41 in men in black suit.

By ben4ever41

Albus Dumbledore

The best Dumbledore Savii there is yet! His beard is pricy, but buy him now and save! $$$

By ben4ever41

The dark snake zombie

He is a very cold snake crontroler zombie

By ben4ever41


he luvs grapes

By ben4ever41


From kid icarus.

By ben4ever41
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