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Foxie Owsley

A girl whp loves the person who helping her to get through pain,suffering and bad things.
I love Devin Wulfie because He is the perfect guy for me :] thank you so much

By AkatsukiDemonFox

Terra Foxie Owsley

Hi, I am lovable,funny,silly,crazy and i can laugh but i am like 100% laughable XD so peace out peeps

By AkatsukiDemonFox


Hey, people owo I'm Roselina and i would love to roleplay and play pokemon, so comment me for friend codes or mail me what u want to trade or batt:e >:3 please

By AkatsukiDemonFox

Devil Nickie

This young boy was borned from hell, but his mother was an angel and his father was a satan. He was in foster home but no one knew where did he came from or how he got fangs and the devil's horn..Nickie been living lonely and heartless because he didn't feel the love feeling..

By AkatsukiDemonFox

Gothic Kitty

She was borned as a neko but her personsually are mostly drawing,music,stories. Sometime, She like to be herself to not hear dramas,crap,or stuff that make her mad or angry about it.

By AkatsukiDemonFox
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